Family Sites:
  • Todd McNemee
  • Jennifer McNemee

    Friends Sites:
  • Voightman
  • Tod Bookless
  • Bill Gruner
        Pacific Front Hobbies

    My Favorite Sites:
  • Earth & Beyond Emulator
        The EnB Emulator Project
  • The Guild
        A GREAT web series about a     group of online gamers
  • RayWilliamJohnson
        Awesome Youtube Entertainer
  • EACW
        East Side Arm Chair Warriors
  • Babylon 5
        TV Series Fan Site
  • Star Wars
        Official Web Site
  • The Tick
        TV Series Fan Site
  • Coinstar
        Coinstar Inc Web Site
  • Popular Mechanics
        Official Web Site
  • Websters Dictionary
        Official Web Site
  • USS Tautog SSN639
        My Submarine


    Ray's Place


    This is a place where I enjoy providing links to the activities of family and friends. Feel free to look around using the links just below or the links to the left!



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